We have many plants at home. This is really common these days and so the business of artificial lighting specialized on our beloved green pets has grown to so far unknown dimensions. Most of those lights are purple, with low CRI, quite disturbing for the human eye. I just learnt that this is due to economic reasons as red and blue chips of an LED system are the cheapest and are still sufficient in stimulating plants. Yet, purple light does not have any wavelength! You can perceive it by extracting the green from the visible spectrum. Is this why plants are green? They don’t need that certain wavelength so they reflect it back? On the other hand, if you take an infrared picture of a landscape (technical stuff, don’t ask…), most of the time the green colour of plants is rendered purple. Weird, isn’t it? All of the theories on colour fail here.

I need to find a way to incorporate this into my movies. And also how a landscape looks like for others. For those who can perceive the UV spectrum maybe?