Rule n 5 Learn rules and etiquette

The rule is - there are no rules

Let's face it. Our system is the best! It allows us to embrace violence and turn it into a virtue. It gives it shape and meaning. It turns it into a discipline. Golf never was about golf after all. It was about elegant execution about suspense before you chop one’s head off.  We are turning your bourgeoise nightmares into wet dreams. Giving it material forms. Letters, words. Expressive and violent. Thrumbling in the void. Egotistical and true. More beautifully than The Ninth Symphony played over and over and over again.

[a voice from the past] So what was golf really about? esoterics? violence? kinky stuff?  after all, we are running around like blue-ass flies with one aim: to complete the hole. What is it about? getting a title? domesticating nature? naturalizing ourselves by taking these never-ending walks through the bunkers and fairways and greens. Ultimately a golf course is nothing but an oasis where we all are going to hide one day, the day when the end of the world as we know it will reach us.


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