Rule n 2 Try to get the ball… into the air

Fly little birdie, fly little bogey

Just look at it. Look through it. Try to get it. What’s in the ball’s mind? What is inside of her? It is not the club that gives you the power to dominate other inhabitants of the golf course, it is the ball. Don’t be afraid to hit your friends on your practice swings, Don’t be afraid to get this feeling. The overwhelming feeling of ultra-violence.

[a voice from the past] A very good friend told me this story about his distant cousin who used to play golf very well. She has been thinking about going professional until she got hit by a ball once. Don’t worry. Nothing happened to her, I mean physically. The ball smashed the peak of her cap and ricocheted into the lake. It took her some time to find it but wasn’t she determined. She went straight to the water and dived to hunt down the ball as if it was prey. We saw her appearing in the lounge soaking wet. She went straight to the manager and asked for the giant scissors then cut the ball in half. imagine how gagged we were when inside this sphere there was a little inscription written in orange letters.  Anyhoo. That was it for her career and believed me or not but she never set foot on a golf course again.


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