A project by Máté Dobokay and Gábor Kristóf, curated by József Mélyi

Occam’s city could be an actual settlement or a philosophical parable applied to reality – but it is simply not realistic. It is an imaginary construction that hovers between the two-dimensional picture, a three-dimensional geometric structure and an urban model. Instead of the razor from the familiar logical metaphor, the starting point was an ordinary steel cutting die – a ready-made, found object. From the individually cut and layered cardboard elements a three-dimensional form emerges, and then with the aid of a computer program the solid body falls apart again into virtual flat surfaces. Out of the silhouette of one of these plane figures a cutting blade is made, and the steps are repeated: cutting, extruding, decomposing. Out of the basic pattern and its mutations a series of shapes comes into being of which the concrete object, the plane, the three-dimensional structure and the virtual construction are all part. The elements of the series appear in different ensembles on blueprints evoking the bases of old architectural drawings and reminding a virtual cityscape. (...)
(József Mélyi)

Supported by Stancforma Kft.
photos by Dávid Biró