(The Triumphal Procession of Maximilian I)

The woodcut series representing an imaginary procession, was comissioned by Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519) and designed by the most outstanding German artists of the time. Its purpose was to perpetuate the memory of the emperor, his Habsburg family and his deeds with the aid of woodcuts printed in hundreds of copies. The prints were executed between 1516 and 1518 but with the death of the emperor the work was interrupted. The uncompleted series was published in 1526, in 1777 and in 1796.

In 2013  on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Liget Gallery, we proposed an update of the work mentioned above. Through a subjective transcription of the given hierarchical structure and rendering of the linear storytelling we aimed to confront the big historical narratives with ones personal motivations, memories and visions.



Initiated by:

Emese Fodor

Gábor Kristóf



Orsi Barna

Judit Fischer

Norbi Menyhárt

Vera Orbán

Bence Pálinkás

Dia Pintér

Gábor Pintér

Bence Töröcskei